I never actually wrote this note back then, the note that completes this journey but there’s a couple good stories in here so I’ll share it now.

I left off sitting in Honduras trying to figure out what to do for my last 2 weeks of travel, thinking I’d head to Roatan that next day. Well I got in the bus in the morning and met a guy who told me that Roatan was a mess and that he was headed to San Pedro Sula(SPS) airport to get a plane out of the country. I figured I’d go along with him so I did. On the way into SPS our bus got stopped at a roadblock, there was no way it was getting past it but we were told that if we were willing to walk there would “probably” be buses on the other side of the roadblock that would be willing to take us the rest of the way. How far I asked? Maybe a couple kilometers I was told. We decided to go for it. This very kind gentleman who I had met offered to carry my large pack (in addition to his own) if I would carry both our smaller packs, good deal, I’ll do it! So off we walked, with others from our bus as well. It was high noon and boiling hot so I was soon using my umbrella as a sunshade as we went along. At one point a group of local people passed us, carrying various farming implements, machetes, hoes and such like. I don’t think they were planning on doing any farming with them though but they were smiley with us so there was no cause for concern. We made it eventually, probably after about 4 or 5 kilometers, to a bunch of minibuses one of which I was silly enough to sit in the very back far corner of, I then proceeded to get more and more squished in a we picked up more and more people, I was soon literally hanging my head out the window gasping for air and desperately trying to catch a breeze, we ended up with about 30 people in a bus made for 12, good times.

Finally arriving in SPS we caught a cab out to the airport, fairly far out of town. The guy who had helped me with my bag had his ticket already so he was set but once I got there I was told I couldn’t get anything for 2 more days, so I booked it then and there, heading back to San Jose Costa Rica. In the meantime I had to kill time in SPS, a major Honduran city in the midst of some serious protests about this coup, I didn’t want to go back there so I asked a cab driver to take me to the closest hotel to the airport, I figured it would be expensive but outside of town at least.

He dropped me off at a veritable fortress, a very large complex with walls about 10 feet high with barbed wire running around the top, I’m pretty sure this looks like a good place to wait out the apocalypse, nevermind this coup so I take a room there. It’s got everything, a kitchen, wifi, restaurant, pool. Ok I can do this for a couple days no worries. I phone home and reassure my worried mother that I am in a very safe place and that I have a ticket out, I’m just waiting. Then I get online and figure out what the heck I’m going to do. I’m exhausted from traveling for these last 2 months and I think I might have picked up some little bug when I was on Big Corn Island in Nicaragua as I am sometimes slightly feverish and have the runs about once or twice a day. It’s bearable…just, but I really need a break. I google resorts in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, what the heck, it’s on the way home right, and easy as I’ve been there before. I do a search for adults only as I don’t want to deal with screaming children as I relax poolside and I settle on a place that looks quite lovely and is a good price, I book it and my flight and spend my next 2 days hanging around the pool waiting to fly.

I do eventually make it to the resort without much incident, just a lot of plane changing and waiting around. When I walk into the reception area the first thing I see is a statue of a man and a woman who are, shall we say, intimately entwined. Oh no, with a sinking heart and major sense of dread I start to consider that I may have booked myself into one of “those” places. This is confirmed once I make it down to the pool and am confronted¬† by many pairs of naked breasts, entirely of the much older saggy variety, shit, I’m in a swingers resort! I tough it out through the week, ignoring the passes made at me and burying my nose in a book at virtually every conceivable moment, I should have known something was up when I read the name of the resort….Temptation, but believe me I wasn’t, at all!

I made it through my week at Temptation and then headed home with misgivings, I was looking forward to starting to teach yoga, in addition to my pilates, it would make a nice change and offer a new challenge, but I knew it might be hard to settle back into a routine after being so free for the last 4 months. I planned to stay with my dad and step-mom once I was home, my stuff was to stay in storage and i would start planning my next trip, longer this time….