I’m currently in Yogyakarta and I’m so amazed by the street art here. I find it hidden, tucked down tiny lanes and it’s also glaringly out there, slathered all over main thoroughfares. I’m loving it. Graffiti has long been a favorite art form of mine, not the senseless sloppy scribbling of a monotone tag, but the glorious, colourful statements that I wish I could transfer to a canvas and take home to hang on my wall. Street art has a bad reputation at home, many people still consider it vandalism and either remove it or paint over it quickly, but I personally think many a boring blank concrete block wall has been vastly improved by the work of a talented spray painter. All forms of art will elicit an emotion or provoke a thought, graffiti is the same. Whether it be creepy or cheerful, humorous or political, graffiti can make you think, make you smile or just be a beautiful image to enjoy. In my opinion this is a vastly underrated art form. What do you think?