May 27, 2012

Leo and I head to Kuala Terrengganu for two nights, he’s heading down to Singapore and I want to start heading slowly down the east coast. We spend a day in KT and traipse 8.2kms (I Googled it after) through the city to find the Crystal Mosque. We make a detour along a bridge because I thought that the mosque was on the other side of the river, I was wrong but we are able to get a good view of the mosque and it helped us to figure out which direction to head in, also I got this picture….

Also on the way we find these guys who were able to give us some good directions in exchange for me taking their picture….

It’s my first mosque and turns out to be much prettier on the outside then inside. When we arrive we are made to wear long robes and, for me, a headscarf. I think I look downright portly but the ladies exclaim that NOW I am beautiful, sure, if you think a sack of potatoes is sexy.

We are escorted by a woman who is very friendly and wants to teach us all about her religion, turns out it’s her job, volunteering to educate the “unbelievers”. It’s interesting, she’s not pushy but she certainly has a lot of answers (believe me I don’t agree with most of them) when I question her about women’s rights, female circumcision, jihad and more. She never bats an eye, never gets offended, but her answers often leave a bad taste in my mouth, I try not to let her see it. I’m here to learn, not change anybody’s beliefs, so I zip my mouth. It’s a good thing I did too because Leo and I missed our last chance to take a bus and were looking at another long walk back when she pulled up alongside us and offered a ride back to our guesthouse which we greedily accepted.