May 15, 2012.

The guys and I decide to take a hike through Penang National Park, our goal is monkey beach. It’s a nice hike, an hour to get there on the bus and about 1-1/2 hours each way once we are in the park it’s a slightly rainy day, so with the sweating we all end up soaked through. Before we left town we stop at a bakery we discovered in Georgetown for some snacks and got lucky with some amazing focaccia bread and cinnamon buns. The hike is good, not too hard, not too easy. About a half hour in I notice that there is always one guy behind me, and I realize they are doing it on purpose. I mention it and they unanimously state that it’s the polite and right thing to do, their mothers wouldn’t have it any other way. Ladies, you’ve raised your sons well, kudos. We do see monkeys, lots of them, but the beach itself is a bit of a disappointment, not so clean and not very good swimming. But the exercise is good so we’re pleased.

May 16, 2012.

Darraugh and Paulo head off to the Cameron Highlands, I’ll meet them there tomorrow. I decide to spend the day visiting a butterfly farm and nobody wants to join me, surprise. That’s fine, having been to one before in Honduras I’m well aware that I can lose hours in these places so it’s better for me to go on my own. I do and it’s amazing and I have about 200 photos to prove it, I’m well satisfied. I meet up with Leo and Julian later in the evening and we head out for yet another Indian feast. Tomorrow Leo leaves for Kuala Lumpur and Julian and I head to the Highlands to meet with the D and P.

May 17 & 18, 2012

Long bus ride up to the Cameron Highlands, Tanah Rata, and we find a hotel. Julian experiences my uncanny knack for falling almost instantaneously asleep on buses and amuses himself by taking this picture….

One in town we meet up with D and P and take a walk up to the next town about 5kms away. It’s not the prettiest walk, a lot of garbage along the trail and the town we end up in is nothing to write home about either. A bus back, dinner and a couple beers, I’ve caught a cold, also I’m freezing and wearing many layers, not the happiest gal. I take an early night and leave the boys to it.

The next day I’m still not feeling great, the boys head off on a big trek that I wouldn’t be able to do anyways because of my bad knee, so I sleep lots and rest up by reading in a café and my one big adventure of the day is a bus ride up to another butterfly farm. This is not as big or as nice as the one I visited on Penang but there is the added perk that I get to hold a giant grasshopper, pretty cool.

I meet the guys after their hike and we all get cleaned up and head out for a steamboat dinner. Steamboat is like Chinese hot-pot, 2 different broths and many vegetables and types of meat that you cook in the broth at your table. It’s messy and fun.

We go out after for a couple beers and some pool at the one local bar. I should mention, beer is comparably expensive here in Malaysia and not always available, you have to go to a Chinese establishment as the Muslims typically won’t sell it. We’re all leaving tomorrow, I’m heading to the Perhentian Islands and the boys are all headed down to KL. Julian has a couchsurfing host there, and Darraugh and Paulo are going to watch some important soccer/football match, sorry I couldn’t possibly tell you anything about that, except that it’s England and therefore a big deal for Darraugh. They’ll all meet up with Leo there and then join me in a few days on the island.