After 2 months in Mui Ne, I’m done my contract and ready to get a move on. I’ve been restless and ready for a while so the same day that I teach my last class I book a night bus to Saigon. I don’t have a plan yet and figured I’d go to a big city so as to take advantage of greater options.

I spend a single day in Saigon and then get on a bus for Hoi An. It was supposed to be a direct bus but instead it drops me off in Nha Trang, not my favorite city and I have to wait 3 hours until my connecting bus shows up. Pretty displeased about that. The bus I ends up on takes about 12 hours to get to Hoi An (instead of the 6 they told me) and wanting to drop me off at the side of highway in the middle of the night about 5 kms outside of town. I refuse to get off the bus until they call me a taxi and pay for it to take me into town. This doesn’t make me very popular but I am sick of being shuffled around and lied to by this company, I’ve also been on buses for about 24 hours at this point, without proper food or a clean bathroom.They get me a cab, it’s paid for and takes me into town where I find a hotel and get some much needed sleep. I’m in a pretty bad mood to be honest so the mental oblivion of sleep in a comfy bed is fantastic, as well as the shower. I wake up the next (late) morning feeling revived.

I spend about 5 days in Hoi An, I get some clothes made, copies of things I have with me, see some sights, go to a nearby beach, meet some lovely people and take a Vietnamese cooking class with one of them. We learn how to make a soup with shrimp dumplings in it, fresh spring rolls, green mango salad, 12 spice bbq, and my favorite, Vietnamese pancakes (Bahn Xeo). I also find a great bakery which will come in handy in about a week.


Next step, Danang. It’s not actually that far away but I never made it there on my last trip through and I have a friend that I haven’t seen in ages who has been living there for a couple years teaching English.