I leave Padang Padang too early in the morning for a bus so it’s an expensive taxi ride to Sanur, where I will catch a locals boat to Nusa Lembongan, finally. This large creaky wooden outrigger delivers me safely and I hop a moto taxi to take me to my hotel. Tamarind Beach Hotel, my first time making a reservation using Agoda, actually planning in advance where I will stay is not something I do usually, but I am thankful for it this time. While I am not able to haggle about the price (having already paid in full online), I’m very happy about this lovely accommodation. A pool overlooking the ocean and a gorgeous room with an outdoor bathroom, luxury…hot water too!

My beautiful room.

View from the pool at Tamarind Beach.

This is my relaxation time. I do yoga every day and eat good, healthy meals. My energy is still so low, I’m not planning on any adventures here. I do rent a motorbike for 4 days though, just to give myself some freedom, it’s a good call as I discover some truly beautiful beaches where I waste away my days, and also a perfect bay and bar to watch the sunset go down accompanied by a cold beer.

Another perfect sunset.

For one day I do a circuit of the whole island and also take the bridge to the neighboring island  of Nusa Ceningan where I drive a little track up over the hump of the island. It’s barely more than a hiking path, and a rocky one at that, yet I do it easily on my scooter, I’m getting better and better at driving these things.

Temple gates

One of the main industries on Nusa Lembongan is the cultivation and processing of various types of seaweed. So all over the island there is a smell that is not unpleasant but a bit weird, kind of salty and musty at the same time. The smell comes from the seaweed laid out on tarps to dry in the sun, it’s gathered daily from the farms set up in the low water between the two islands.

Blue Lagoon

After a week here I feel only a little bit better, I’m still tired constantly. I’m actually starting to become a bit worried about my health, have I picked up something besides the ear infection? Mono, a parasite, or worse? I get in touch with the doctor I visited in Singapore and he suggests yet another course of antibiotics with the addition of a steroidal nasal spray. I swear I have never taken so many drugs in my life, but I am sick of being sick and will buy these things as soon as I possibly can once back on the mainland.

Mangrove Beach

I leave Nusa Lembongan with some regret, I liked it here, a good blend of local flavour with enough tourism to make finding some pretty delicious food easy. A virtual smorgasbord of beaches to choose from daily, friendly locals and a very chill vibe, I almost wish I could stay longer. But the rest of Bali beckons and I’ll need to spend some time renewing my visa soon as well. Onwards.

Collecting shells