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Originally I only planned to spend a couple days in Yogyakarta but between the amazing street art I found there, the various other attractions, and just how darn much I liked it, it ended up being about 5 days, and could have been much longer!

I visited the Affandi museum, which was once his home. A surrealistic property, which reminded me of the Crazy House I once saw in Dalat. I like his work, very energetic, bold and emotive.

A piece by the great Indonesian Expressionist painter, Affandi.

I had a visit to the Kraton (disappointingly abandoned and virtually culturally empty IMHO) and also the nearby Water Gardens.  Unfortunately the pools were empty and being repaired when I visited so it wasn’t so inspiring either, especially in the heat of the midday. But I did get to go underground into this (now unused) mosque, it was quite cool and quiet down there, very nice.

Inside Masjid Bawah Tanah, the underground Mosque at Taman Sari (the Water Gardens).

While I was at the Water Gardens I got to watch this man making Traditional Indonesian Shadow Puppets. They are made out of leather which he punches holes into.

Making shadow puppets (Wayang Kulit).

While wandering around town I couldn’t help but notice this wild sculpture…

Very interesting public art piece.

I was constantly hounded to buy Batik, come into my gallery etc. etc. But every gallery I went into had basically the same works, except for these, so I bought them! (Sorry about the poor quality of the photo)

Some new art for when I have walls again, someday.

I also went to the Bird Market, LP makes a big deal out of this place, I’m not sure why. It did afford some picture taking opportunities, but I did not like seeing all the dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals all caged up.

Bird Market

As I walked around town I couldn’t miss seeing these, so colourful, so manic and so frightening!

Javanese Demon Masks.

I also paid a sunrise visit the legendary Borobudur Temple. That deserves it’s own photo gallery though, so you can see it here.

I was, and had been for quite a while, really exhausted and knew I needed some serious R’ n R’ . So I finally left Yogya and started to head out of Java. With a pretty much mandatory quick overnight stop at  Bromo Volcano, I was on my way to Bali and the beach.

I’m currently in Yogyakarta and I’m so amazed by the street art here. I find it hidden, tucked down tiny lanes and it’s also glaringly out there, slathered all over main thoroughfares. I’m loving it. Graffiti has long been a favorite art form of mine, not the senseless sloppy scribbling of a monotone tag, but the glorious, colourful statements that I wish I could transfer to a canvas and take home to hang on my wall. Street art has a bad reputation at home, many people still consider it vandalism and either remove it or paint over it quickly, but I personally think many a boring blank concrete block wall has been vastly improved by the work of a talented spray painter. All forms of art will elicit an emotion or provoke a thought, graffiti is the same. Whether it be creepy or cheerful, humorous or political, graffiti can make you think, make you smile or just be a beautiful image to enjoy. In my opinion this is a vastly underrated art form. What do you think?