When I was driving towards Lovina I noticed this place beside the road called the Art Zoo. This certainly peaked my curiosity so I made this place the destination of a day trip while I waited for my visa. It’s a fantastical complex of buildings where an artist named Simon is at play. Nobody was home when I showed up for a looky-loo but there was a sign welcoming visitors so I went in for a wander. Paintings, sculptures and various unnameable artworks litter the property. I explore tha many buildings with strange levels and nook and crannies and rattle a few locked doors which I assume are the private areas of this home. An open warehouse space of a studio that I coveted greatly as well as one of the coolest chaise lounges I have ever seen. There wasn’t much about this place that I didn’t like and in this case pictures will definitely speak better than words, so here you go.