I’ve been doing lots of traveling since 2009 and have up until now been chronicling my adventures, and the time in between, on facebook and by email. Enough people said they were enjoying my writings and that I should really start a blog. So me and my fat head finally decided to go for it. I took everything I’d written so far and filled in some blanks and have gone and posted it all for your (I hope) viewing pleasure. It would be great if you enjoy my ramblings so much that you leave comments and “likes”, perhaps you’ll share my blog with your friends and especially follow me.

I’m currently on a trip with no return date in sight, I try to update every week or two but sometimes there is sketchy internet or none at all or maybe I’m just having too much fun to write, don’t worry I’ll get to it eventually, just keep checking in, or better yet…FOLLOW ME and get updates whenever I post. (Hint hint).

Your ideas and suggestions for places to visit and things to do there are welcome, I’ve got the time…tell me, where should I go next?

Please, do not steal my photos or content, if you really like it ASK me, I’m generous, all I want is credit.