Back on land in Airlie Beach I spend a night and when I awake the next morning I decide that, since I’m here, I really should go see the Great Barrier Reef so I figure I’ll fly over it. I pay $100 for a one hour trip and get into the backseat of this little plane with 4 other people (that includes the pilot). This is officially the smallest plane I have ever been into. We put our headsets on and off we fly towards the GBR. We go over Airlie Beach, Whitehaven Beach and many other beautiful islands and small reefs. Seeing them from the air is fantastic, especially after just having been there at sea level. As we start to get closer to the GBR I can see the massive deep water channel that runs alongside it, you can tell it’s really deep because the water is very dark blue. So it’s stunning to see the contrast between the aqua and teals of the reef areas and that deep blue depth. We see various reef shapes, one is even like a little heart and then quicker than we’d like it’s time to head back to land. A short trip but well worth it.