From Alice Springs I fly to Cairns. I’m in Queensland now and it’s much more up to date here then it was in the Northern Territories, there are healthy food choices and stores actually stay open past 8pm and on Sundays. I spend almost a week here and see absolutely nothing. Sometimes it just happens that way. I hung around the pool at the hostel, met people, drank wine (oh sweet glorious wine) and just basically chilled out.  My impression of Cairns is not fantastic though, too touristic and I don’t find that the women that live and work there are very friendly to me, they are to the guys I mention this experience too, but not to me. I don’t get this, I’m nice and friendly and I tip well so really what’s the deal? Nowhere else in Australia did I experience this, I won’t take it personally though, there is no point. This is a party city, a big drinking, clubbing, hook up scene complete with bar brawls, half naked women, and an awful lot of rugby players, not my deal at all. I’m killing a bit of time here because I don’t want to rush south too quickly or I’ll catch the cold weather. But, eventually I get restless and start on my journey south.

My first stop was in Townsville where I planned to spend the night before I could get over to Magnetic Island. Once on Magnetic Island I find a hostel and settle in for a few nights. I meet some people and we play trivia one night in a bar and win! I guess all that useless information in my brain IS good for something. Also I get to hang out with lizards, snakes and birds, I’m even allowed to cuddle with a koala!

Back to Townsville and then a bus to Airlie Beach. I spend a couple days doing research to decide which boat I am going to travel on to see the Whitsunday Islands. There are so many to choose from it’s overwhelming, such a variety of information and options and price ranges. Do I want the party boat, no. Do I want good food, yes, but it’ll cost me. Do I want to dive, big no. Do I want to go to the Great Barrier Reef or just stay on the inner islands, hmmm not sure, need to do more research. Do I want 1 night, 2 nights or 3? Do I want a sailboat or a motorized boat, again, don’t know. I do finally make a decision, choosing to go with a group called iSail Whitsundays and I think I made an almost perfect choice. Just check out this boat that I got to spend 2 nights on!

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