Andy and I have decided to do a bit of traveling together. Last night, before the farewell party, we booked a flight across Flores to the town of Ende, we plan to find a driver to bring us back across the island on a mini road trip. Our plane will leave tomorrow, so we have a day to hang out in Labuanbajo. We decide to visit Seraya, one of the neighboring small islands. We are joined by some other members of our Perama trip, Florian, Bianca and Carles. We hire a boat to drive us the hour trip and upon arrival it drops anchor next to a small wooden dugout canoe. We seriously think it`s a joke but the boatman is dead serious and 4 of us get into this tiny canoe for the trip over to the beach. Andy is quite literally frozen in fear, Florien and I are fine and use our snorkel fins to help paddle the boat.

The terrifying dugout canoe @ Seraya Island.

There is one warang (small beach restaurant) on the island and some cabins that can be rented for overnight accommodation, but we are just here for the day. After a leisurely lunch some of us snorkel, some laze on the beach and some go for a walk, or naps. It`s an easy, relaxed day. We negotiate a time to leave with the captain, he wants to leave at 3, we want to leave later, we agree on 4:30. It turns out to be really good timing as the sun is setting when we pull into view of Labuanbajo harbour, the golden glow is in lovely contrast to the deep grey clouds that have showed up, making for some lovely sunset photos.

Labuanbajo at sunset


Labuanbajo Harbour

After getting cleaned up we all meet up for a very delicious dinner at a place called Mediterraneo, fantastic food, and some very mediocre wine. I`ve come to realize that Andy`s a foodie, she talks about food, a lot. Look how excited she is about her tuna carpaccio!

Tuna Carpaccio, yum!