Driving further up north on Bali I arrive in Lovina, land of black sand beaches (which are apparently what all the beaches in Bali would look like if they didn’t import the pretty white stuff from elsewhere). I find a place to stay and, after some conflicting internet advice, figure this is where I will get my visa extension done.

It’s an unnecessarily complicated procedure, requiring 3 visits to the Immigration office. On your first visit you apply, on the second you come back and pay your fees and on the third you get to pick up your passport again. In a good week this will take 3 consecutive days, unfortunately there are an awful lot of holidays in Bali and I’m told when I apply that it’ll be 7-10 whole days until I can get my passport again. I’m not down for that and sweetly ask the man who is helping me if there is any way that money will make the process faster. Turns out it will and $50.00 later I’m told I can pick up my passport on Friday. As it’s Monday when I apply and the next three days are holidays this is considered next day service. Thankfully when I show up on Friday it’s all ready to go, yay for Balinese bribery, bureaucracy!

In the meantime I spend my days exploring some of the surrounding areas, more on that to come.