Discovering that an International Drivers License is required in Bali or you run the risk of being “interfered” with by the local police, I felt quite trapped, I don’t have one of those so, no motorcycle for me then. I opted instead for a lazy taxi south, seeking a quiet haven, a beach, a pool, a nice, comfortable bed. I found the bed and pool in Padang Padang, a small surfers town with a crowed beach. It was pretty, and much less touristed then Kuta. I felt it safer to rent a moto here for a day and drove around, enjoying the freedom of going, and stopping, whenever and wherever you want.

My meanderings took me to Uluwatu Temple. You’re not allowed into the actual temple itself but it perches majestically on a beautiful stretch of cliffs at the southernmost point of Bali.

The place is absolutely crawling with monkeys who are apparently quite the accomplished pick-pockets. I got lucky and nothing went missing though one did come after my flip flops at one point, while they were still firmly attached to my feet! I’m beginning to grow not so fond of monkeys, especially after my experience on Pualu Weh, at least the ones that are used to being fed by humans that is, they’re cheeky. Looking back I realize I never shared this little story with you, suffice to say I got chased by a very pissed off, very muscular monkey, I won the pissing match by raising my arms above my head and screaming at him. I was the bigger monkey that day.

I enjoyed the surrounding areas of the temple, wandering along the cliffs edge, away from the well trodden path, I ran across grazing cows, birds and some dramatic views.