Some more of my street photography efforts, round 2. These were all taken either in Singapore or Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As always your opinions, advice, comments and critiques are very welcome.

He was so engrossed in his magazine it didn’t matter that I wasn’t prepared. I literally had to pull my camera out of my purse, turn it on, adjust the light setting and framing and THEN I finally took the picture. He didn’t notice a thing.

This man didn’t notice me either, possibly because he’s so sleepy?

He looked up right at the last second, I quite like his response.

I’m not sure if this man notices anything, let alone me.

He had his back to me, looking off into the distance. I was all prepared, camera in hand and preset for the light, yet somehow his spidey sense must have tingled, he turned around right as I took the shot. Nice smile though.

I think she was ignoring me. I was trying to pretend to shoot something behind her. Not sure if this works or not but the kid is adorable.

I grabbed these guys in motion.

This last one is in colour, I think it works better that way. She JUST woke up.