June 28-30

I decide to go spend 2 nights at Lake Maninjau, it’s not too far from Bukittinggi and I get lucky and score a ride from a guy I meet at Bedudal café who happens to own a guesthouse on the lake. He takes me and my pack for the hour and a half ride which culminates with a series of 44 hairpin curves to finally reach the lake. I get settled in then go for a little wander around the very small town. It’s not really a town even, more just a slightly bigger version of the road that goes all the way around the lake.

I take a motorbike the next day to circumnavigate the lake. It’s simple to drive and I get to say hello to a lot of people. I cruise through rice paddies and past water buffalo and plenty of mosques, through little tiny villages and past lovely lake views.