June 17 – 19

Kuala Lumpur, I don’t plan to stay here long, really I only want to see the Petronas towers (once the tallest buildings in the world). I figure that I will see them in the daytime and then go back at night which is what I do.

In the intervening time I take a taxi out to see the Batu caves. In the taxi I see this sign, so no kissing then I guess?

The cave is pretty but very touristed compared to some other caves I have seen a fair amount of the natural beauty has been spoiled by pouring concrete down to even out the floors and putting in railings to herd people around, moo. There is a Hindu Shrine here and the man offers me a blessing, I make sure I don’t have to pay for it and then allow him to anoint me with ash mixed with water to form a paste which he smears on my forehead and gives me a small rose to tuck in my hair. On the way back down the 272 steps I encounter the bunch of monkeys that live here and I enjoy watching their antics for a bit. I never get tired of monkeys.

I head back into town by train and then MRT (a light rail system) which is a little complicated at first by I get the hang of it, and I love this there is a car set aside for women only, how nice.

Back at Petronas towers for the evening view, all lit up and purdy, I like shiny things.

In all I don’t find KL very compelling, it’s expensive and dirty and so I only spend 2 nights and one full day here, it’s enough in my opinion.