I did get away from Mui Ne for a long weekend in Dalat right in the middle of my stay there. Dalat is up in the central mountains and I’d missed it on my first trip through Vietnam so I thought it would be a great place to pay a visit to. This is one of the major agricultural centers for Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, supplying, fruit, flowers, tea and coffee. It’s also home to many large waterfalls, Buddhist temples and an extensive night market. Dalat used to be a resort town for the French Colonists looking to escape the heat so there would be some lovely old buildings, as well, it’s also home to an architectural marvel/nightmare known as Crazy House, therefore a must see for me. I figured all of this would make it a town worth checking out. I hired a motorcycle tour guide from Easy Riders and he took me to all the places I wanted to see and also provided some interesting insights into Vietnam .Final impression, it was a very touristy place but interesting in terms of architecture, history and the natural settings were very lovely as well though often made less so by cluttered/cheesy decorations and statues in places of natural beauty that really should have just been left to their own devices.But this is a common problem in a country where plastic flowers are often seen as being better then fresh ones.