I arrived in Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) on January 26, 2011. I gave myself a couple days to get up to Mui Ne and get myself settled into a home before I was due to start work on Feb. 1. I re-introduced myself to Lex (the studio owner) and he got me set up with a great room and a beater bicycle that I could use to get around which I promptly decorated with yellow plastic flowers and happy face stickers. My schedule was easy, I would be teaching one class a day, either yoga or pilates or a yoga/pilates mix and then have the rest of the day to myself, 6 days a week. I spent the remainder of my days  either relaxing on the beach or exploring surrounding areas, places like the nearest town, Phan Thiet or the sand dunes which you can slide down on plastic sheet toboggans ( a gritty, sweaty affair that is actually quite fun).

About  6 weeks into my stay I got the email I was dreading, my mom wrote to tell me the cancer was back, it was bad, and she was undergoing radiation to shrink the tumours that had moved into her spine. But she insisted she didn’t want to me to come back yet, she had support in the form of a friend who would live with her and help her as needed. So I spent my two months here but by the middle of it I was pretty restless. Mui Ne is a small town, I was ready to move on. Also I figured I would have to go home fairly soon, I wanted to be with my mom.