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More random thoughts…..

The sound a gecko makes is like a bird chirping. I love them, they eat mosquitoes.

Land crabs are everywhere in beach communities. They live in holes in the ground and you can see them scuttle down them sideways as you come along. They are colourful creatures, reds and purples and oranges and pinks. On average they are the size of your hand, sometimes smaller. You typically see more crabs out at night and you see the remains of an awful lots of them smushed on the road by cars and atv’s.They have the one bigger claw, that looks quite threatening really as they like to wave it around, and they move exceedingly quickly. They are exceedingly shy, and fast, however perhaps one will pose for me someday (I got one, see below). In Domincal we stayed in a place that was on ground level just a few yards away from the beach. I came into the bathroom one night and found 2 hiding behind the door, I jumped up on the toilet seat and squealed (a very girly action, I shamefully admit), fortunately my knight in shining armour Jon was there and herded one out the door of the room with a magazine, unfortunately the other one took this opportunity to disappear down the shower drain (which did not have a screen, just a hole in the floor). Needless to say I kept my eyes firmly fixed on that shower drain during each subsequent shower! My home in Montezuma has the same thing, the first night I was there I put a bowl over the drain! Every time I showered I would pull it away and keep my eyes open. Now I have a screen held down by 2 very big rocks, this keeps them out of my house! Last night I went into the bathroom and I saw one hanging out just below the screen, he was trying but there was no way those rocks are going to move! It rained yesterday and today they were EVERYWHERE, seriously I walk down the road and can hear them scurrying around in the brush at the side of the road, I see them on the road ahead of me racing in both directions for cover as I approach, kinda funny actually. I’m much more used to them now and realize that they are harmless and really pretty stupid, literally dozens of their smushed bodies are on the roads, fresh ones every day, every hour….


When it rains it’s like taking a strong shower, in fact the water pressure is often better then what you get in the hotels/hostels. Warmer too.

Falling asleep to the sound of waves is incredibly relaxing, however I have noticed that I have to get up more often in the night to pee, I wonder if these things are related?

Gatorade (or Powerade) is a godsend on long bus rides, keeps you hydrated and you don’t have to pee as often as you would if you were drinking loads of water.

When they do make a rest stop on a long bus ride they never tell you how long you have there, could be 5 minutes, could be 30. Once I was almost left behind, I came out of the bathroom and the bus was pulling away, I’m not sure I have ever sprinted so fast, the driver was laughing his ass off at me when I got back on, I’m sure the expression on my face was priceless.

If you are on a bus making multiple stops they don’t announce where you are, yup that’s right. Everybody else just somehow knows, but I get to look like the stupid tourist who only speaks a little Spanish and ask questioningly of the driver, “es (insert name of destination)???” If he answers “Si” then I have to scramble all my stuff together and high tail it out the door, and make him get up and get my bag from down below. If he answers “No” then I have to struggle to maintain my balance as I try to make it back to my seat as the bus is careening wildly (and speedily) down the road.

No matter how much sleep I may have had the night before, every time I get on a bus, I am asleep within an hour. I’m sure you can imagine how disorienting it is when you’ve just awoken from a nap to find yourself pulling out of a station or away from a bus stop. Was I supposed to get off there? Did I miss my stop? Where the hell am I? Does anybody habla ingles? Por favor? I then spend the next however long staring out the window trying to spot a road sign which might give me an indication of where I am and trying to compare that to my pitiful Lonely Planet map trying to figure out how much further I have to go, finally figuring it out, I’m ok! Then often fading off to sleep again, only to wake up disoriented…..

Maybe if I didn’t get so sleepy on buses I wouldn’t have these problems…..mind you so far so good, haven’t missed any stops yet.

Why do all the hostels think that “free” or “included” pancake breakfasts are a good idea? I swear I am so sick of pancakes and fake maple syrup…….Granola anyone? Maybe cereal of some kind? Seriously…..please?

Pizza is everywhere here, usually thin crust and most of the time quite good. There is no such thing as rice pasta or corn pasta down here, I am screwed, and coming home bloated and fat.

Oh, and beans don’t really agree with me either, how ironic is that? Casado anyone? Uh no, thanks, I’ll pass and you and everyone around me will be quite happy I did.

Casado – For those of you that don’t know a Casado is a set meal of rice, beans, some sort of meat of your choosing (chicken, beef or pork) and what can only be described in loose terms as a salad (usually some shredded cabbage, maybe some shredded carrot too). This is often the cheapest and largest meal you can find anywhere, at any soda or high end restaurant. And no, no thanks, like I said, the beans…..

I’m not sure I can ever eat Arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) ever again.

I have noticed that all hermits crabs like to travel North as sunset approaches, don’t ask me why…. but they all head the same way every day. Maybe at sunrise they all travel South? Will have to get up at dawn sometime to check this theory. Hmmm, not likely.

Howler monkeys sound like what I imagine Satan laughing would sound like.

In the rainy season the river and waterfalls in Montezuma look like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a far cry from dry season when it was like swimming in liquid emerald. If you are up high you can see the mud spreading out into the ocean at the mouth of the river. Yes, it is still swimmable, though nowhere near as pretty.


I pick mangoes up off the ground where they have fallen and eat them, (as long as the monkeys haven’t bitten into them first). Imagine….. FREE mangoes!

My backpack now weighs in at 30lbs! I’m honestly not sure how I manage to fit it all in there! It’s like a tetris puzzle every time I have to pack up.

5 pairs of underwear are not enough for 4 months. Not when you get laundry done 1-2 times per week. One word….disintegrating.

Why not buy more underwear you ask? Because I prefer thongs and they seem to be impossible to find, seriously are all these beautiful Costa Rican women wearing granny panties?

I have yet to do my own laundry, even though I brought these cute little individual packages of Woolite from home with great intentions. When it costs $2.00 Cdn. to get 1 kilo of laundry done, you just don’t do it yourself. Period. Also most hostels don’t want you to do it in their sinks and typically reinforce this by not providing sink plugs.

Every animal I meet has fleas, LOTS of them (advantage anyone? flea collars?). Sometimes after hanging around with them I do too.

Some hammocks have fleas, you get used to it. Everything else about hammocks…rocks! Though I do get seasick sometimes.