Originally published on facebook – April 14, 2009.

So a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I did it!!! I quit my jobs and cancelled my flight home, I have to use my airline credit before July 8th so I guess I will be home the first week of July. All my jobs were very happy for me and have told me that they want me to work for them once I come home! I feel very blessed! I have registered to do a Yoga teacher training in Montezuma during the month of May, so I will be certified to teach Vinyassa Flow yoga once I am home, am pretty excited about this. While I am doing the training I will be renting a room or shack or whatever you want to call it with a little kitchenette and hopefully a bathroom of my own, this is going to save me over a thousand US dollars in fees!

I finally left Montezuma for real last Monday and headed out on some adventures on my own. I decided to go up to Monteverde by bus, ferry and another bus, took me from 8am to 6pm…long day! The last bus (a collectivo) was scarey as hell, climbing up long winding rough bumpy dirt roads into the mountains, narrow, with no guardrails or anything between the wheels of the bus and oblivion! I know it is senseless but I had a firm grip on my armrest at all times, gave me a weird sense of security! I was lucky to arrive in Monteverde in the midst of an incredible windstorm and froze my buns off, even wearing every warm layer I brought with me I was still cold! Quite a shock being up in the hills at the center of this country after being coastal for the first 3 weeks! I got a room at the Pension Santa Elena that looked as if a circus had thrown up in it, but the bed was comfy. Unfortunately the claim of hot water was an outright lie and I had to shower in icy cold water, not a happy girl!


I was lucky to find a yoga class being offered just outside of town the next morning so I took a cab the 4kms and enjoyed the class. It was a little easy for me but still good to do, I want to take as many different yoga classes as I can while I am moving around so I can absorb all the knowledge and experience and use that once I start teaching. After the class I walked back in to town and was treated to some stunning views.

That afternoon I went on a canopy tour (zipline) which I had done before in Whistler but they don’t have anything like this at home! 13 lines, the last one was 1km long, so long that 2 people have to ride it together otherwise you would get stuck in the middle. But the best part was a Tarzan swing they have rigged up. You stand on the edge of a platform and they winch a rope to the front of you, the guy holds on to the back of your harness and tells you to bend your knees, he lowers you over the edge and then lets go, awesome! You swing way out and back and then the guys at the bottom tell you to put your legs down so they can try to grab you to help slow you down, I refused! I wanted to keep going, so I ended up getting about twice the ride then anybody else did, hee hee hee, was so fun!

I’d had too much of the cold at this point so the next morning I booked out of town. I took a shuttle, boat, shuttle from Monteverde to La Fortuna, home of the infamous Volcano Arenal. Stayed at a very nice hotel called Las Colinas, the price was not so nice, but they did have cable tv!!!! and warm showers, which were really kind of pointless as it was so nice and warm there, oh well, still a luxury. I arrived mid afternoon so I just wandered around town and managed to stub the same big toe, twice, the second time hurt so much I almost cried in the middle of the street. The sidewalks are so irregular… I must try to remember that when I’m gawking my way around a new town.After icing my toe for a couple hours and having some yummy coffee (yes I’m on coffee again as the tea here is abysmal!) I ran into a young guy, Alex, I had met coming over Lake Arenal in the boat and we wandered around checking out different tour options for the volcano and hot springs. We got a decent deal at $40 (though some of you were kind enough to mention to me afterwards that I could have self guided and bussed it, oh well). I had an early night, got to watch a little tv for the first time in a month, still all the same old crap.

We went on the tours the next afternoon, saw a toucan, a hummingbird nest with a little tiny peanut sized baby in it and some other cool things, most of it was too far away to be able to take picture though. After the hike, at sunset, we went to view the volcano, we watch from pretty far away and once again my camera couldn’t catch it but yes, I did see lava, mostly through binocs, but still pretty cool.


After the lava we went to these epic hot springs, all man made except the water, was kinda like a theme park but nice, the most warm water I’ve had on my body since I got here, (and coincidentally the one month anniversary of my arrival in Costa Rica) I felt so clean afterwards! Went for dinner after with Alex and some other people I had met, MORE pizza. Left La Fortuna the next day and headed to Quepos, near Manuel Antonio, only had one full day there, no time really and almost everything has been closed all weekend because of Easter (Semana Santa). Didn’t really like Quepos very much, but did spend half a day on Manuel Antonio beach, which was super crowded but quite nice.

Finally made it to Dominical yesterday and met up with Jon and his friend Josh. I met a guy on the beach, Mason (from Vancouver) and they had met a couple girls from England Janet and Lorraine, so we all went out for dinner and drinks last night, turned into a very early morning. The boys tried to light a bonfire on the beach (not really sure of the point as it’s damn hot here already) I got to plug my ipod into Jons speakers and I danced around on a lifeguard platform for hours in the moonlight, was beautiful, seeing the big moon and with the waves crashing in, while whatever song took my fancy at the moment played. I am usually kinda a self-conscious dancer, I find the typical everybody in a circle on the dance floor of a club, not being able to talk because of the volume of the music quite on odd thing usually, but here in that moment it was liberating and beautiful!

We are chilling out on a patio now, going to head to a beach where there are apparently some “great surf breaks” (I dunno, me I just want to lay around in the sun) and we will watch the sunset from there. It’s neat, every beach I’ve been to, around sunset everybody (tourists and locals, families and teens) comes down to the beach with beers and we all partake of mama natures sunset painting of the day, lovely!


I haven’t been able to find any other yoga classes except apparently there is some here in Dominical, will try to do a class tomorrow, really wish I had a yoga mat, I would do some on my own, maybe I will be able to buy one somewhere.

We are staying here in Dominical another 2 nights and then the rough plan is to head down to the Osa peninsula. Still figuring out where exactly. We will stay there until Sunday or Monday and then Jon and Josh have to head back up to San Jose to go home, I am going to head to Panama from there. Will write more soon, keep in touch everybody, tell me about life at home, I miss you all and love you tons! xo