Originally published on facebook – April 1, 2009.

Its been a couple weeks now, and I am finished school and have moved on from Montezuma however I will backtrack a little bit to fill you in……

So the first week of Spanish was very hard. 4 hours a day! plus it had been forever since I had to try to learn anything or memorize! A few times I got really frustrated with myself (especially at first) but then I calmed down and realized I wouldn´t be perfect at it right away and to be patient and kind to myself and I started to do better, esp. during the second week. I still have a ton to learn , right now I´m at the point where I understand more then I can speak..not so bad and I know it will get better and better. I had 3 other people in my class the first week, Jackie from Chicago, Allyson from New York and Matt from Guelph Ontario. We all tried to help each other out. Our teacher was a very handsome Argentinian man named Fede (this so did not help my learning process!) but once I got over my schoolgirl crush I did better, lol! 😉 He even told me at the end of the second week that my accent was much improved, don´t know if it´s true, but I´ll take it! Matt left us for the second week so it was just Jackie, Allyson and I after that.

Some other girls arrived that week, they weren´t taking Spanish with us but we had fun chatting with them in the hammocks and went for dinner together a few times. The wonderful Jon was a constant, he´s become like a cross between a little brother and a cabana boy for all us ladies, I think he likes it 😉

On our last Wednesday night there was a big bonfire on the beach for us where the students that had been taking poi classes were able to light their poi for the first time to perform, it was very fun, and beautiful. I ended getting drunk on pirate rum, (I certainly wasn´t the only one) and staying up on the beach until the wee hours of the morning and yes…making out (very briefly) with a cute Tico (what WAS I thinking?) oh well, chalk it up to experience….needless to say the next day I was quite hurting but got to Skype with my family for almost an hour (best!!!!) and get a shiatsu massage, so it was a beautiful day despite the big head.

Jackie headed to the Caribbean side and Allyson and I moved over to Santa Teresa last Saturday, just a half hour away from Montezuma. We decided to stay at Casa Zen which is a lovely place and close to the beach, and has an okay restaurant, (the breakfasts are really good). We went out on Saturday night with Jon (he came with us for one night) to an Electronica night at D&R and also on Monday night for reggae…2 crazy nights. My poor liver is floating and I have made myself a promise to cool it, and be kinder to myself again as yesterday I could have taken off someones head and was feeling all quiet and kinda bummed, gotta be all the alcohol. I´ve drunk more in the last 3 weeks then I had in the entire previous year…this has got to chill! and so it will, because as you will learn, I am one stubborn son of a gun and will do what I want no matter what anyone says…;) and right now I want to do good things for my self.

I have taken a couple yoga classes here, nice teacher named Christine, its very similar to Kristies class in Montezuma, flow and fun.

We´ve meet a couple from Vancouver, Sean and Amy and two brothers from Manitoba, George and Dino. also many other people, it´s hard to keep track of everybody´s names….

Yesterday we went to an infinity pool high up in the hills to watch the sunset, we went with about 8 other people, they all drank but i was good and just had juice (see….I am keeping my promise to my body!) we were in the pool for almost 5 hours…I swear I turned into a raisin!

After the pool we were starving and took a cab back into town for what may have been the best pizza I have ever eaten, or I may have just been very hungry!

Allyson is leaving tomorrow. I am headed back to Montezuma (probably bringing some of the above mentioned people along with me) for one or maybe two days because I never made it up to the second and third waterfalls, as well, I want to check in with Jon and use his computer and the phone there to get organized. I’m thinking of staying traveling, possibly for quite some time…. I have to make that decision asap so I can quit my jobs and get the details of life in place to do it…….maybe you´ll join me?