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Originally posted on facebook –ย  March 15, 2009. ยท

That dress I bought didn’t work out so well, too big and it was strapless so kept slipping down, not dangerously so but enough to be annoying. also I didn’t notice when i bought it but it was polyester on the inside, yuck! I will try to find someone who wants it, maybe a trade so I don’t have to cart it around with me. I should have known better then to buy it without trying it on, live and learn….

I certainly wouldn’t call myself a seasoned traveler yet but I am learning to sit back and let things happen more easily, not forcing. also to take the time to observe a situation before I jump (eg: finding a cab at the airport when surrounded by pushy drivers all trying to get me to take a ride with them) trying to stay calm allows me to be able to think in Spanish (what little I remember from my one year of it in high school) a little better and I am trying to be more patient and remember to be accepting of “Costa Rica time” I do well unless I’m really hungry, then I want my food NOW!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I must share my idea for a palm salad recipe, it is so good and so easy, just lettuce, avocado, tomato and heart of palm which you buy ready made in a jar, the key will be to making a good salad dressing, I think a pesto based one would be amazing, but salad dressing are not my strong suit, still I will try once I am home.

Today I went with an American nurse from San Diego named Mandi to a wildlife reserve in Cutu, (about an hour and 25mins by bus) we saw white faced and howler monkeys free in the wild and I got some good pics (quite proud of this one actually). Howler monkeys make a sound like a dog barking and a loud growl, pretty cool, there are a lot of them (and the white faced) here in Montezuma as well but they are harder to see (at least so far).


We also saw some spider monkeys that are being rehabbed to be released back to the wild, they were in a pen but it was pretty nice and large as far as pens go. One of them (a female) came right up to us at the face and put her hand through the fencing, she wanted us to hold her hand and we did, it was so incredible, I almost broke down in tears. she and I looked into each others eyes for a time and she was so wise looking, her eyes were a beautiful deep shade of brown and you could see her intelligence, it broke my heart. I thought she seemed sad, but I don’t know if she was really, how can you know what is going on in a monkeys head? Her hands were so soft (much more then I imagined they would be) with longish black fingernails and on the underside of her tail there was the same sort of skin as her hands. She turned her back against the wire and let us rub and scratch her. Her fur was coarser and thicker then I thought it would be. It was an amazing moment I know I will never ever forget. And yes I have a picture of this as well.


Some people that I had met left today, some new ones arrived. I’m beginning to see that saying goodbye will be something I have to get used to. When Mandi and I got back to town from Cutu I ran into the 2 girls from Sweden that I had met at the airport when I arrived. In the moment I was desperate for a pee and a shower so I said a quick hello, We know where each other are staying so I will try to find them again tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I finally start school, my first Spanish class (beginners level 1) is at 12-2pm and the Spanish lab (all levels, where we practice speaking what we have learned) is from 4-6. from 6:30-8pm I have yoga, so the 4 extra days I gave myself before starting everything, “my vacation” is kinda over, lol.

I found a woman who does shiatsu down here. I got my first one yesterday and she is amazing, she doesn’t really speak much English at all but she is very intuitive and did an amazing job, I would put her up there with Kat! (sorry Kat!, forgive me?) later int he day a few of us went up to the closest waterfall for a refreshing dip. so nice!

I feel like I am settling in here, for the first few days I felt antsy and like I wanted to move on, now I feel quite content and excited about the learning I get to do over the next couple of weeks.

Originally posted on facebook – March 13, 2009.

After years of delaying I have finally set out on this adventure. I’m heading to Costa Rica for 5 weeks. I haven’t backpacked since I was 19 years old and am now 36 and scared witless. I have ended my relationship, sold my condo, put everything in storage and taken a leave of absence from work, I’m ready to go. I’ve planned it out and will spend the first half of my time in Montezuma, studying Spanish and practicing yoga. From there I’ll probably head over to the east coast to explore a little before I head back home to real life.

These will be quick random things that happen in my days, maybe will get to longer posts but not sure…

I went into a small local town today called Cobano, I took the bus and spent and hour in the bank. my debit card wouldn’t work in the machine so I had to do a visa transfer, the teller at the bank told me that my debit card will probably work in another little town about a half hour away called Santa Teresa, I will try going there next week sometime. I forgot how high security banks are down here, the security guys were all holding shotguns and I had to pass through a metal detector on the way in, sunglasses off and they looked inside my bag. friendly enough though. I’d forgotten how you are supposed to take a number and sit in the chairs waiting, so glad my mom and I had visited a bank in La Paz, Mexico when we went there so I had at least done it once before! I wandered around the town a little bit and bought a nice aqua coloured sundress, am wishing I brought less shorts/shirts and more dresses/skirts as they are soooo much cooler, so I am stocking up, hope everything fits in my backpack when I’m ready to move on! I shared a cab back to Montezuma with some people I met so it only cost 4 bucks….yes the bus is only 60 cents but wasn’t due to arrive for another hour so I splurged. Funny thing….on the bus on the way to Cobano there is a very big hill with hairpin turns, the road is very dry and sandy/dusty. we couldn’t make it up the hill so the driver shouted out something and everybody stood up, I thought we were going to get off the bus and have to climb up the hill but he had us all move to the back seats and then we made it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried heart of palm today in a salad with avocado, tomato and green olives, so yummy, I think it may be favorite new food!

fyi, i have been lucky enough to meet people who have their own computers so I have been able to use them thus far, not sure how long this will continue so I may not be able to post so easily (or cheaply) once they leave. I will have to use the internet cafe $$$!!!